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Core Classes

Core classes are offered weekly, students are placed based in classes based on skill level and in consideration of age. All core classes and many electives offer all students the opportunity to perform!

Contemporary Ballet

Students learn ballet vocabulary and classical technique, and also learn to develop placement, alignment, coordination, and movement quality allowing them to tempos and on different counts. 


BAND_Divine Inspirations Center for the Arts_2023-06-17-20-46-53_01.jpg

Students learn the fun, energetic style of dance which combines the energy of HBCU marching  bands with different  dance elements, including technical ballet, West African, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop choreography.  

Hip Hop 

Along with the basics, students are exposed to different styles of hip hop dance, and are pushed to be creative and self-expressive in this fun, high-energy, class.

Elective Classes

Elective Classes are offered bi-weekly or monthly



Cultural Dance 


Liturgical Dance

The DICA Tap Enrichment class utilizes rhythm, syncopation, and sound in addition to movement. An emphasis is placed on musicality, expression, and improvisation.

Cheer & Tumble


In this class, students learn both traditional and contemporary African cultural dance choreography, songs, drums, and dance techniques, with a special focus on the rhythms and traditional dances and movements of African culture. 


Designed to connect spiritual expression and dance, the liturgical dance and movement class combines techniques such as Ballet, Modern and African. The class draws on the theologies of liturgical movement that will enhance "the dance" within faith and worship communities. 

EmpowerHer Mentorship Programs





DICA-All Star Competition Team

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Students learn basic tumbling skills which include  strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and endurance, in addition to cheer techniques, dances, jumps, and more! 


Tiny Tots

Students learn a series of technical exercises that display a range of skills within the genre, to include jumps, turns, high kicks. and includes incorporating pom poms in many routines and performances. 


Mentorship students participate in age-appropriate "Girl Talk" discussions and monthly workshops about relevant topics and are provided opportunities for college prep, health and mental wellness, career assistance, and self-image building through pageantry, modeling opportunities, and much more!

Creative movement class for ages 3 to 6 years old, fun upbeat and exciting class for your little rising dancing queen. This class introduces techniques in different genres of dance to include DICAs (3) core classes; Contemporary Ballet, Hip Hop, and Majorette. 

Stepping involves extensive and highly syncopated clapping, slapping of hands against various parts of the body, and, of course, the foot stomping to which the name refers. Hand clapping and foot stomping have been present in African American folk dances since the 19th century.

DICA's Award Winning All-Star Team is a program in which students enrolled under the Gold Package are eligible to *audition, be evaluated, and/or in special cases be invited* to represent DICA in local and national competitions and performances. 

Only want one class? Try our Ala Carte Option

We offer any (1) CORE or ELECTIVE class for $95 per month

Register TODAY and select the Ala Carte option!

Registration Fees:  

$50 for the 1st Student, $25 for the 2nd or more students


*Tuition is due by the 1st of each month and no later than the 5th

Late Fees- $40 late fee applied to the family account



  • Sibling Discount - 25% OFF Monthly Tuition (Auto Applied)

  • Military Discount- 10% OFF Monthly Tuition (Present copy of military ID upon first class visit)

  • Early Tuition Payment- 5% OFF (Auto Applied when paid before the 1st of the month) 

  • Advance Paid Tuition - 30% OFF (when 3 months of tuition is paid in advance)

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