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Scholarship Request Form

Divine Inspirations, Inc offers scholarships to train at the Divine Inspirations Center for the Arts (DICA)~ as a Company Member. Scholarships are not offered to Recreational based students. Scholarships are offered to students that exemplify a strong desire to train as a competitive student in the performing and visual arts. 

Students must fall within our three focus areas of: low income, underprivileged, or childhood obesity and the parent/guardian must show proof of a significant financial hardship. 

All request for scholarships are reviewed by the Divine Inspirations, Inc. board of directors and may take up to 30 days for a decision. Decisions are based on available funding, need, and desire of the student and their family. 

Please complete the initial request form below to request a scholarship. Notifications will be sent via email address provided below. 

Parent/Legal Guardian Name*

Student Full Name*

Student's Date of Birth*

Student Age*

Student's Home Address *

Parent/Guardian's Email Address*


Does the student reside in a one parent household?*

What target group applies to your student?*

Is the parent/guardian employed?*

Monthly Household Income*

Do you receive any of the following?*

Family Size*

Please provide an in-depth statement as to why your student deserves a scholarship. *

Please explain your financial hardship*

How long do you project your financial hardship to last?*

Supporting Documentation*

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